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Understanding it’s Relationship
to Your Kidneys

Creatinine is a waste molecule that comes from the metabolism process occurring in muscles. Creatine produces it. Creatine is a molecule that is necessary for the production of energy in the muscles.

About two percent is converted to the waste product each day. When your muscles discharge this waste product, it enters the blood stream and then travels to the kidneys.

The kidneys work to flush out the blood and remove this waste from the body and dispose of it through urine. When this process occurs properly, there’s no problem removing the waste.

What makes this waste molecule so important to those with kidney disease, or potential kidney disease, is the fact that this waste level is a highly effective tool for diagnosing problems.

Your body maintains about the same muscle mass each day. Because of this, the amount of waste also remains about the same from day to day. However, when the blood has a higher level of the waste molecule, it’s an indicator of a problem with the kidney function.

How does this Happen?

  • Your body’s muscles use creatine to create energy.
  • This process creates creatinine, which is the waste product of the muscle energy production. About two percent of creatine is converted to this waste product.
  • In situations where the kidneys aren’t performing properly, the waste product enters the kidneys through the blood stream and it isn’t flushed out of the blood properly.
  • The kidneys pump the blood back through the body.
  • This creates a high level of the waste molecule in the bloodstream.

Deciphering this Information
When doctor’s notice a high level of waste product in the blood, it means the kidneys aren’t working properly. This is a warning side of malfunction or failure in the kidneys.

If doctor’s find an elevated level, they’re likely to explore with further testing. They need to determine what could be behind the actual underlying problem and seek out treatment. A normal range depends on an individual’s age, sex and background.

Getting Help
Because of the reliability and the overall simplicity of testing for waste molecules in the blood, doctors will perform a standard blood test on a routine basis.

When you get help for kidney disease, your doctor will zero in on creatinine levels to get a better understanding of what’s happening within the body.

  Written by Patrick Ireland

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