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The Importance of RSS feeds, in order to promote traffic to your website

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We are in the advent of an Internet revolution that is unprecedented in this 21st. century. RSS stands for, “Really Simple Syndication”, or “Really Simple, Stupid”. It is one of the best ways of distributing information on the Internet, and it is compatible with WordPress and most Internet standards.

If you add RSS feeds to your blog, you immediately have a robust combination that can place your blog to the top of most of the organic search engine rankings in Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Combined with affiliate offers, your RSS feeds can help you to drive unlimited free traffic to your site. Traffic=Conversions=Sales. This method augers well for any products, from affiliate offers, to e-commerce products.

RSS is maximizing the trend towards creating personalized content on the web today. As a result, all of the major search engines now use RSS to let users headline their experience at their sites, including on WordPress, Google(www.google.com/reader), Yahoo(htttp://my.yahoo.com), and MSN(http://my.msn.com).

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